Farewell to the Final Boston Brigham’s

November 15, 2009

By Rebecca Ballard

On November 11th, the last Brigham’s in Boston closed its doors for a final time. Given only a week’s notice, the staff said goodbye to many customers who’d set aside the time to say goodbye. In his article “Last serving, to go,” David Abel covered the last day at the restaurant, as well as spoke to staff and customers.

In the article he states that the closing was fairly abrupt, and that Luke Cooper, the CEO of Deal Metrics (the restaurant’s new owner) declined to comment “on the outstanding rent, the lack of health insurance, or what led to the restaurant’s closing.” He then wordily states that macroeconomic and financial factors are affecting the sales.

This is interesting to contrast to the waitress who states to regularly make $150 in tips and all of the praise the customers are quoted giving the restaurant (especially since many say they eat there daily).

Googling the restaurant’s demise led me to several other articles that all turned up and confirmed the same information (that the restaurant was well loved, that the employees’ were not receiving health insurance but were still having money for it deducted from their paychecks, and that the CEO refused to give any sort of an actual explanation.

I thought the use of video in the online version of Abel’s article was a good idea–often it seems that unless a reader can specifically and personally relate to a situation, they may not be able to sympathize. However, actually seeing the sadness of the staff and customers, as well as hearing them speak about the sudden closing, makes the story more interesting and relatable.


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