Welcome to my blog — coverage of David Abel’s coverage.

October 30, 2009

By Rebecca Ballard

I am a junior at Emerson College in Boston, MA. This semester, I am beginning a minor in journalism and am currently enrolled in an Introduction to Journalism class.

Over the next couple months I will be covering the Boston Globe reporter David Abel. From what I’ve read of his past articles, and on his Boston Globe bio page, Abel covers local news and social issues. According the the Globe, he’s written about “global warming, immigration, homelessness, marriage, labor negotiations, sexual abuse and gun control” as well as covered issues dealing with high education in Boston (David Abel’s Boston Globe Bio).

During the following semester, I will be updating this blog once a week with a post covering Abel’s recently published articles, focusing both on the subject matter of the articles and on Abel’s coverage of the subject matter. In addition to the general public’s interest in the latest issues that Abel covers, I hope that readers may also gain something from my own coverage of both the issues and of journalism and reporting on a whole.


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